Just Published: Free Library of Digital Policies

K6 Partners announced today the release of a free e-signature policy library at www.esignaturepolicies.com.
“The lack of esignature policies–and the sense of certainty they provide– is the number 1 reason for delaying critical digital transformation initiatives,” said Ken Moyle, president of K6 Partners.  “The eSignature Policies site is designed to give transformation leaders a resource for learning more about esignature policy design.”
K6 Partners previously announced that experts in public sector e-signature policy will offer a free webinar on July 11, 2017 at 2:00 PM Eastern / 11:00 AM Pacific. Panelists from state and local governments will share insights on adopting and managing online citizen engagement.
"State and local entities are looking for new ways to engage citizens and provide value through digital channels," Moyle said. "Yet they face challenges that are different from those faced by private industry. What are the best practices for rolling out electronic signatures? Can a policy help? Our panel will help you avoid common mistakes and provide guidance for a smoother transition to digital government."
Webinar Panelists include:
Scott Bream - Washington State Office of CyberSecurity
Jenti Vandertuig - Chief Procurement Officer, County of Santa Clara, California
Howard Hill - Information Technology Manager, County of Alameda, California
Dominic Namnath - Tri-Counties Regional Center
Moderator: Ken Moyle, K6 Partners
Registration is open at www.k6partners.com/events.


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