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Transformation: It's Harder than Innovation

You're not Facebook. You're not Google. You are part of an institution that's been around a lot longer than the internet. Your business is healthy. You've got customers, employees and suppliers who know you and trust you. But something's happening out there. New employees roll their eyes at your form-laden onboarding process; customers complain about your rigid delivery constraints; vendors use contracting tools that outpace your procurement systems; new competitors are springing up with "disruptive" approaches to the market, ever more capable of providing what their customers want, at the time and place they want it. You are coming to realize that technology adoption is no longer an option. Companies less able to adapt have already disappeared, many unaware that the world had passed them by. You are different, and that's why you've been around so long. "90% of companies are likely to be disrupted, yet less than half are preparing fo

What's your e-Signature Policy?

By Ken Moyle It's 2017 and your department is still overrun with paper. Your customers, employees and vendors are becoming more and more frustrated with you. Going digital is "on the road map" but doesn't seem to be getting any closer to reality. Why? From conversations with transformation leaders around the country, the seemingly simple concept of electronic signatures often gets intractably complicated soon after it's introduced to the organization. Internal resistance to change rears its head in many familiar ways, including dire predictions of unenforceability and loss of control, unsubstantiated conclusions about increased compliance risk or external adoption, and general concerns that the path forward is not clear enough to take such a significant step.  ​ ​ This is particularly true with mature organizations , where you must not only automate your current processes, but also investigate what they were intended to accomplish in the first place,