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Lawyers: Start Thinking Like Developers

By Ken Moyle Attention all business attorneys who... ...took the LSAT because there was no math in it ...still pack a Blackberry ...think a " smart contract lawyer" is a  smart lawyer who writes contracts. I bring you some disturbing news. Your life is about to change. ​ ​ Technology is transforming your clients' business, and you cannot ignore it. Your clients may not be in the technology business, but they have recognized the need for tech to keep them competitive. As a trusted adviser, you will need to recognize how technology is influencing the relationships inside the client's company, and the resulting effect on your ability to continue adding value. The best example is the resurgence of the smart contract. A “ smart contract ” is a computerized transaction protocol that executes the terms of a contract. Although the concept has been making the rounds for 20+ years , it has recently become a dominant buzzword. That’s mostly because t