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Employers Take Note: Regulations on the Use of Biometric Data (JD Supra)

by Heather Zalar Steele , Fisher Phillips The use of biometric data is continuously increasing, including in the workplace.  Biometric data may include facial characteristics, hand geometry, a retina/iris scan, a fingerprint or a voiceprint.  Employers often collect and use biometric data to establish records of employee hours, to restrict access to specific areas, computer systems, data or devices, to provide security and to promote employee health, including through wellness programs. Employers who use biometrics should be mindful of regulations that impact their ability to collect, retain and use biometric data.  Numerous states, including Iowa, Michigan, Nebraska, Texas and Wisconsin, have data breach notification laws that require notifications relating to the disclosure of biometric data.   New Mexico is the most recent state to enact such a law.    On April 6, 2017, New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez signed into law the state’s first data breach notification statute whic

Partnership Streamlines Digital Transformation Initiatives for Mid-Market

K6 Partners and ValTeo Tech Leverage Legal and Software Expertise to Accelerate Digital Adoption SAN FRANCISCO–May 3, 2017– K6 Partners and ValTeo Tech today announced a strategic partnership offering an innovative end-to-end approach to digitally transform  mid-market and enterprise businesses. As a leader in  digital business, law and policy  services, K6 Partners supports digital transformation initiatives, helping to ensure clients of all sizes can innovate with confidence. ValTeo Tech provides  multi-platform integration and development  services enabling organizations to accelerate adoption of digital transformation solutions. By combining the expertise of both firms, organizations of all sizes are better able to maximize digitally transformative initiatives, take on new opportunities and improve the speed and precision of management decision-making. “As experts in cross-platform recording, management and cost metering of digital transactions, we’re proud to partner with K6 P